Get Inspired. Give Back.

Get Inspired. Give Back.


Check out these young entrepreneurs who have created their business as non-for-profits or charity based.

Let their stories inspire and empower you to do more.

Business and success do not have to equal money hungry people and cut throat environments. Success and profit are likely to be a strong motivator in starting a business, and honestly for most people the driving factor. This isn’t to say it can’t be equal to and run in parallel with other charitable goals.

You can incorporate into your business the things you really care about while still making a profit.



Being a philanthropic company can be accomplished in many different ways.

You don’t have to come up with some great humanitarian cause or a brand new idea that is going to a huge impact immediately. Of course, some people will come up with these amazing concepts that directly respond to societal issues.

Neha Gupta is one of these inspiring few. Growing up she and her family went ever year on birthdays to take food and gifts to children at an orphanage in their hometown in India. By the time Neha was 9 years old she truly became aware of the reality of these children’s lives. After this realisation and understanding of the hardships and disadvantages they faced she decided to take action. It began with making homemade wine charms and selling them door to door to raise money for the orphans. It grew from there and she now has her own non-for-profit company- Empower Orphans, having already raised more than $1 million.

Read More on her story HERE.



Not all ideas have to be this direct though, yours may have nothing to do with community, social issues, human rights.

You can contribute in a number of ways and use a variety of channels to link your proceeds to the charity of your choice. It may be as clear cut as directly linking a percentage of sales toward the charity.

Carley Schor has set up her business this way. She is a 14 year old entrepreneur from America, running the organisation Carley’s Kicks for a Cure . Her business donates a portion of all sales to the Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism/Martin C. Barell School. It began for Carly when she decorated a pair of her plain white sneakers with artwork and wore them to school one day.  Her classmates loved them, so she started making more and selling them to her classmates. She has now built it into an online business and has sold over 300 custom made sneakers. Supporting Autism charities is a subject close to her heart, with a close family friend being autistic and attending one of the programs supported by the Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism.

You can also work with charitable organisations without having to directly donate a proportion of sales or share of your profits. For instance it may be an affiliation of names and supporting their causes publicly, or working on fundraising events with them in the form of sponsorships.


Don’t be bound by the idea that to contribute to a good cause it needs to be in a monetary form. Any company that empowers people, gives them a voice or adds in a positive way to community and society is contributing.

Read how Mercer Henderson is making her mark. She is the founder of an app. creation company called 4GirlsTech. Mercer created both Audiots- an app which adds sounds to your emojis and FriendIts, an app for girls to share clothes, accessories & anything else they wish to swap. Mercer’s company is wholly focused on operating ethically and doing good. 4GirlsTech gives back firstly in monetary form; as she incorporates giving back and charitable giving into her business model. And secondly she has the aim of not only raising money but also encouraging others in her generation to do so to. Mercer wants to empower young girls like herself to solve problems through entrepreneurship.

Read more about Mercer HERE.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with unreal expectations that you should be saving the world or immediately giving away 100’s of dollars. Start small, it still goes a long way. Use your growing reach to spread the ideas you think are worth sharing. Start the conversation that you want to be happening.



In this way you really can have it all- a successful profitable business- and a business that still works in alignment with your values and makes a difference. There is a common belief that there needs to be a choice between success/money and charity/philanthropy in the business world. This really is not the case.

Change your thinking and make the difference.


Author: Lily Day

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