Ishan Goel, Gen Z Marketer

Ishan Goel, Gen Z Marketer


His name is Ishan Goel, he is a Gen Z Marketer, Gen Z Speaker and Photographer.

What is now an established business, started small when Ishan, at 14 opened his own marketing firm.  He offered his services for free, then with discounted prices, as he built up his learning, knowledge and name in the field.

Now at 18, he is making full profits, his knowledge and networks have grown and he is running a wholly successful business. His entrepreneurial spirit never wavered through his journey, with continual growth and movement as he and his business moved forward.

So what does he actually do? He is hired by companies to ensure their marketing is reaching the target audience, via the most effective and far reaching means (Whether it be Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and the list goes on).

Younger Generations are being raised in an era of technology where they are met with a constant, fast moving flow of information. Their attention and interests are ever changing and evolving and companies need to move simultaneously with this in order to successfully reach and attract them. Ishan helps companies to achieve this with valuable and current insights into the lives of Gen Z’s.

Following his own business success Ishan then branched out and began speaking to Gen Z audiences & aspiring young entrepreneurs, sharing his knowledge and expertise in the area of teen entrepreneurship.

Photography is another side business he runs, where he and his team shoot commercial events and build content that can be used for marketing purposes.

Ishan isn’t the only teen filling the space in the market for expert Gen Z advice. Click HERE to read about more Gen Z Marketing Entrepreneurs.



Author: Lily Day

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