Meet YEAY’s Young Advisory Board!

Meet YEAY’s Young Advisory Board!


A company board made up entirely from teenagers, these 10 extraordinary young entrepreneurs are giving YEAY the edge to really rise above- an app for GenZs, made by Gen Zs. This is an advisory board who can truly relate to the consumer group.


We are lucky enough to have voices coming from a number of different countries, industries and backgrounds. All from the Gen Z cohort.  Each have started their own businesses and can advise with first hand knowledge and experience. Their stories of entrepreneurship are truly inspiring.


Learn more about each of them and their businesses through the links below:

Alex Choi, 16, from the U.S. @Alex_Choi56

Isabella Dymalovski, 16, fromt Australia. @Luv_UrSkin 

Brothers, Michael Guberti, 18 and Marc Guberti,19 from the U.S. @MichaelGuberti, @MarcGuberti

Charles Bahr, 16, from Germany. EasyCharles 

Itay Pincas, 16, from Israel. @itaypincas

Asia Newson,16, from the U.S. @asianewton

Nina Devani, 16, Britain. @DevaniSoft

Harshita Arora, 16, from the U.S. @aroraharshita33 

Casey Adams, 16, from the U.S. @thecaseyadams


With their direction YEAY is able to better anticipate what users want- what’s good, what’s needed, were we can improve. Already the board have decided that we needed to look at commerce differently, to create a more seamless shopping experience, while rewarding honest recommendations. The result was YEAY 3.0. (If you haven’t already- update your app. and check out the new direction we are going in and all the new features).

There is so much potential to come from the Youngest Advisory Board. GenZ are the way of the future. Insights from minds like these guide us straight along with it.




Author: Lily Day

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