Podcasts you should be listening to.

Podcasts you should be listening to.

Podcasts are not always given the attention they deserve. They can be highly entertaining, informative and listened to almost anywhere.

You might already be aboard listening to TED Talks. In addition to this we like theTED Radio Hour which is a great extension of TED Talks brought together on one particular topic.

Recently there has been a huge spark in true crime audio series (if you haven’t already listened to Serial, please check it out now! -You’ll thank us), then there is Serials spin off: This American Life, another true crime worth a listen is Criminal. 

Podcasts also provide a platform to listen to radio, comedians & comedy, they bring quirky little episodes such as Stuff You Should Know, theres ‘How to’s’, and you can even learn a language.

As a young entrepreneur you can also use Podcasts as a learning tool, with many centered on the topic of Entrepreneurship.

They are a great and effortless way to expand the knowledge base and to hear advice from experts or others in your position. Especially great when your pressed for time (try listening on the train on the way to school/work, when your at the gym, before going to sleep, while cooking dinner).

With so many podcasts available (and many free!), take advantage of the opportunity they give to hear perspectives from a range of voices. If you need some ideas on the best ones, follow the link HERE to a website listing great podcasts for Young Entrepreneurs.

Enjoy 🙂

Author: Lily Day

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